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Music Submissions Now Open

We are now accepting track submissions for a record deal on our upcoming album release titled The Longest Day Of The Year Vol 1, a multi-artist dance compilation. We launched the competition last week and the hunt for eligible House and African House has begun. Thank you to those who have submitted so far, it has been good to see the submissions roll in. We hope to see many more over the next couple of weeks before the deadline on the 31st of October. Guidelines and submission process as follows:

Submissions will go through a selection process with focus on quality of production, structure and composition. If a submission does not meet criteria but has recognisable potential, we will put entrant in contact with our in-house producers who will make suggestions/adjustments to create an acceptable standard. Applicants must therefore be willing to work with our producers and be open to making changes/adjustments.

  • Successful submissions will be released on our new imprint The Longest Day of the Year Vol 1, a multi-artist compilation album. We are open to most EDM genres, but we will lean towards submissions that have ‘summer vibes’ and that fit with our imprint.

  • Release will be digital only, with worldwide distribution including all major streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

  • Successful entrants must agree to a single track 50% publishing and recording agreement.

  • Promoted to media. Areas of focus will include; radio, online reviews, playlist placement, social media. The album will also be submitted to our music supervisors for possible sync placement.

Please note the following to ensure a successful submission:

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