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Violinist & composer, Naomi Tagg has performed in over 18 countries and on 3 continents over the last 12 years, captivating audiences worldwide with her unique style and versatility as a violinist. Equipped with her lively personality and rebellious attitude, Naomi’s performances range from Ibiza-style lounge and pop to dance floor bangers, explosive classical crossover shows and powerful film/gaming-style performances. When she’s not on the stage, Naomi is pushing musical boundaries in the studio with her various projects ranging from film music to pop. She released her debut album, Neolektra Birth of a Heroine to international acclaim and gave a debut performance live on BBC Radio London. She was also invited to perform at the world’s second largest arts festival, National Arts Festival (South Africa) in 2017 with her band, Neolektra.

Violinist Naomi Tagg's first single Dusk Till Dawn out on 18 December 2017, more info to follow soon.

"Naomi Tagg is a new breed of musical heroine"

- Cue Media

“nimble-fingered fiddle playing” 

– North Norfolk News


“virtuoso electric violinist” 

– EADT24


“highly respected violinist” 

– The Cromer Times


“charming 6 ft tall Violinist” 

– The Crab Line


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