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Brothers David and Matthias grew up on a farm in South Africa listening to their dad’s old vinyls of Steely Dan and Joe Sample. David could sing back any Steely Dan guitar solo whilst Matthias jammed it out on the keys. From fooling around with sounds on tape recorders, they moved on to music production. Enter Naomi, a street-wise Capetonian with a classical background and an experimental attitude. Together they form meh., a dream-pop collective, fusing electro-pop production with interesting lyrics. 

meh. is releasing their new EP Rundown Hotel on November 20th, 2017.  The EP’s opening track Sniper Girl features New York based R&B vocalist BEX, and is best described as an electronic fusion of minimal pop and hip-hop. BEX’s vocals were recorded in her Brooklyn studio and all production took place in South Africa. The follow up tracks Stone and Rundown Hotel delve into the world of dream pop with retro synths and dreamy vocals. The EP ends with Friends and Cigarettes, a nostalgic throwback to our youth.

Past releases:
- meh. debuted their first single 'Uriella' (Child Of Light), in June 2016 and featured a kids' choir and prominent South African star Kyle Deutsch. Uriella featured at #1 on the YFM Breaking and Entering chart during September 2016. 
- meh.’s second single ‘Chosen’ was picked up by U.S. record label Artist Intelligence Agency and was released March 9th, 2017. The track featured TheVoiceSA vocalist Jess Martins and has enjoyed good exposure with over 100 000 plays on Spotify. 
- meh.’s fourth single ‘Refugee’ featured talented South African vocalist Vuyina and was released March 23rd, 2017. 

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