My Favourite Vocal Plug Ins - MEH

A breakdown on which plug-ins I used to mix the vocals on our latest single 'Chosen' feat Jessica Martins. Check out the track and our mixing methods below: Jessica has beautiful soft tonal qualities, I wanted all the intimacies and warmth of her vocal to shine through in the mix. 1) I generally start my processing chain with some mild compression - in this case the CLA-2A, my usual favoured choice. It's modelled on an old favourite among engineers, and immediately makes the tone of the vocal warm and inviting. I usually set the attenuation to around -3. 2) The compression from the CLA-2A tends to be a bit slow in taking action, leaving some transients untouched, so next I inserted the Waves

South Africa's Underperforming Music Industry

The South African music industry is a story of underperformance. Although several emerging markets are posting growth, latest IFPI figures suggest we are punching well below our weight. Historically SA has seen a robust market share in physical sales; until 2010 we had been climbing the IFPI world rankings, but this has since seen a rapid change. According to the latest figures by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, sales of recorded music on physical media are shrinking faster that the average rate of global decline. Although we've seen strong growth in the digital realm, this has not been enough to offset the decline in physical sales. Digital sales have climbed more

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